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Kindness is defined as "the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate." Genuine kindness expressed through daily living has the potential to change lives by making individuals feel cared for. The #BeKind movement brings awareness of the importance of kindness in everyone’s lives during the month of February. #ShipBeKind encourages the Shippensburg residents to carry out acts of kindness in our community.

Last year, the Shippensburg Borough Council declared February as ShipBeKind month, stating that “during the month of February, the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition, in collaboration with the Shippensburg Area Middle School Teen Leadership Club, encourages the Shippensburg Community to be friendly, generous, and considerate…It is asked of all Shippensburg Borough residents to come together to spread positivity throughout the community.” 

One of the events during the month of February is to wear your #ShipBeKind clothing every Friday! What a great reminder to others who see you to #BeKind! Purchase your #ShipBeKind swag today and join us in reminding those around you to #BeKind in February and all year long!

All orders are due by Friday, January 7th.  Orders will be filled and ready for pick up/shipping by Friday January 28th*.

If you have any questions, please contact the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition at (717)-658-2092 or email

* Please keep in mind that all industries are facing shortages on products at this time.  If there are problems acquiring any of your ordered items, Creative Engraving will be in touch with you.


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