In November 2019, a James Burd 3rd grader, Bryson Byers, was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor.  He is currently receiving treatment at Penn State Children's Hospital for brain cancer and will eventually be making his way to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia for radiation.  

     Bryson is a sweet, energetic, caring boy that has a love for the Steelers.  What better way to show support for Bryson and his family then with the purchase of a Bryson’s Battle Towel.  On the towel are his favorite football team colors as well as the Shippensburg Greyhound logo and a famous hashtag #brysonswarriors. The proceeds of the towel sale will help offset the costs of gas, hotels, food, and everything in between.

If you would like your towel included in the James Burd order, please select store pick up and note JAMES BURD in the "Add a note" section in the cart.  Be sure to include your child's name as well as their teacher's name.

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